In today world where the new techs are making our life easier, there are still some myths about tech. And Today we are going to settle them down. So lets Start…

1. Are Google and Facebook Absolutely Free???

Actually they are only free to join, They are not completely free… They use your data, location, behavior and other specifications to get advertisement. These companies are not only one of major social sites, these sites also works as advertisement companies. They analyze your data and show you advertisement according to your interest, when you click those ads or buy something from there… They get there Profit.

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2. Do you really need an expensive card with best speed to record better videos from your camera???

Naaah!!! you don’t need an expensive memory card, just to boost your camera performance. Your camera may need a good memory card to easily and quickly store your 4K videos. But it will not, definitely not start recording in 5K if you use a better memory card. Every camera has a limit in its video capturing quality and it has nothing to do with Memory Card.

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3. Can you prevent phishing by directly typing URL in browser???

This is really a major grade myth… you can’t prevent phishing by typing URL directly in browser. This trick is called tab-napping and it doesn’t depend on whether you typed the URL or just clicked on a link. The only way is to be more alert and observe the page you are surfing.

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4. Is bigger the video size the great is its audio/video quality???

Many people believes the bigger the video size, the better its quality… but its not true the video quality somewhat depends on its size but not totally. Maybe the other video is compressed and compression can be done without affecting video quality. However, if you have plenty of Net then you can rather download greater file, because it has more chances to be better or you just compare their samples first.

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5. Warranty void if used another company’s toner/ink in printer???

Well, The printer company is not going to void your warranty if you used ink or toner of any another company/third party. However, it is possible that you will not get the best performance of your printer. So now you can buy whichever ink/toner that is cheap for you.

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6. Is disk partitioning your laptop/computer is necessary???

Another Myth, It is not necessary to always partition your hard disk to get best performance. People who believes this thought are generally new buyers who had just buy their 1TB, 2TB or even for 4TB. Actually, Partition has its own benefits but it has nothing to do with better performance. Partition helps in categories your data. But you can easily use your PC/Laptop without partitioning.

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7. Are rechargeable batteries are effective in saving money???

Well, rechargeable batteries may help you save money but only if you need new batteries daily like for kids toys. But if you only used to change the batteries of your wall-clock or remote control it will not give you any benefit. So, why to buy those heavily expensive batteries if you are going to change them once in a year. And What if charger or battery get misplaced. Choose wisely…!

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8. Do X-Ray Machines damage electronics???

Naah! People who believes this thought are generally not frequent fliers, They think when pass their hard-disk, memory card, or smart phone from the airways staff’s X-Ray machine they will definitely get damaged. But its not true, X-Rays did not affect any of your electronics. However, you can always confirm from Airways Staff if you are bringing some precious and fragile thing in bag. Like a Nuclear Reactor 💥 etc.

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9. Is Bitcoin trading is illegal???

Well, trading in Bitcoin is Illegal but it is illegal only in some specific countries, You can easily trade in bitcoin in India. If you are not living in any of those countries, you can easily buy something from bitcoin or trade in bitcoin. And in today’s world everyone needs some online cash.

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10. Do searching hotels online can save your money???

“Kiya apne online hotel search kiya h???” Trivago!!! Right… Searching hotels online can save your money but only if you there is an offer, otherwise it is not effective at all. It can still swap more money from your pocket. If you are doing a lot of search in you browser, These sites saves some cookies on your device and after analyzing these cookies they will know you are looking for a hotel, they can increase the amount of money you have to spend while booking hotels. Only way to prevent this is using incognito mode of your browser or just book the hotel from their official site.

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Let us know in comments if you know other myths..!!!



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