If you bought the new Oneplus Smartphone this season, Then Oneplus launched an App just for you, The New Switch App by Oneplus will help you to solve your worries of migrating from an old phone to new phone.

Apps like Switch are not new in the market, Even popular brands give this as inbuilt feature, like Samsung has “Samsung Smart Switch Mobile,” Google’s Pixel phones come with “Quick Switch Adapter,” and in fact, Google has been offering a basic device backup/restore tool as part of Google Play Services for years now. Also, Apple’s very first application on the Play Store was actually Move to iOS.

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The new Oneplus Switch is available on Google Play Store and you can use it on Android Lollipop (5.0) or higher. Bad luck, if you are upgrading from an iPhone to Oneplus… The company might be figuring to solve your problem too, but as for now, there is no help!

At the moment, the OnePlus Switch application can transfer contacts, messages, call logs, calendar, photos, videos, audio, etc. The app can also transfer applications, but you can’t move application data from one phone to another.

Anyone can use this app, Becuase this app is too basic. After Installing, you will be prompted to connect your both phones through Wifi, then Select the data you want to move. The app will show you the duration of the process along with a fun little animation while the migration is in progress.

The App is still in Beta right Now, you can expect a stable version in Mid-January, and if you have settled your mood to buy a new Oneplus Smartphone… then we’d suggest you to wait till the company debuts the Lava Red variant in India, later this month.

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