Xiaomi had worked very hard to push their biggest update of Android Skin, MIUI 9 to every supported device. There are many new features introduced in this update and here we are talking about one of them. MIUI 9 provides you the ability to hide your sensitive information from notification…

To enable the feature, simply reach to Settings -> App lock, and then enable the toggle next to the app whose notification you would like to censor.

App lock


Now, tap on the gear icon in the top-right corner. From here, tap on “Hide content”and enable the toggle next to the app you just selected.

Hide content


And that’s it. The sensitive content from your notifications will now be hidden. I had tried this on my Redmi Note 3 running MIUI 9 Global Beta using WhatsApp, and you can see the difference in the notification below:

Hidden Notification Content MIUI 9 Comparison


Well, this same feature was already present in MIUI 8 as well as Stock Android since Android Lollipop (5.0). But here you have the ability to select specific apps expect to just hide the content of every app installed. While this might not be a very major feature, it is indeed a nice feature to have.

Do let us know if you find any more simple tips for MIUI devices in the comments down below.



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