About Us

“It’s quite common, You know… Why to waste Talent”

Gathering What Everyone Wants!

We just Surf! Surf! and Surf! and gather every information available on Google and Social Sites. We periodically checks What’s Trending or New Interests. Information works as a variable and trends as an equation and after some calculations… A New Blog!


Making of “Techminater”

In 2017, I was Surfing on net, When I found that Blogs can actually help you. I found how people share their professionalism via Blogs. On a Bit researching I also found that it can also become a way to earn, Then the Idea of this Site stricken my Mind.


The Team – All of us Together

Founder & CEO – Sidhant Sood

An Excited Freelancer Website Developer working for a Better Future!


It’s You part of Techminater

You!  Yes You, All of you are in our Team. Who help Techminater to help others by creating new blogs full of professionalism.